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Veggie Rolls

I never thought that making veggie rolls would be so easy. I love sushi! I truly am crazy about it but I don’t eat it that often because I find the rice really heavy so I decided to give it a try and make my own. When I bought the nori sheets I realised that they contain traces of sea fish. Of course, what was I thinking? After all they come from the bottom of the sea. Anyway, I do not consider that a problem. As per my understanding the only traces of animals on the nori sheets are from being in contact with fish but no harm is caused to any animals. So I went ahead and decided to create a veggie version with no rice and just vegetables! This veggie rolls are super yummy, fresh and colourful. Great to take to work for lunch but also really nice as a starter to share with friends.

I used hummus as a way to stick everything together and then I toped with some cucumber for freshness, carrot for crunchiness, avocado to make it soft and creamy in the middle and finally some watercress for extra green and colour. Yum! I hope you love them.

IMG_1392 copy

Makes 12-14 small rolls


2tbsp hummus

1 carrot

¼ cucumber

¼ avocado

watercress to spread

IMG_1454 copy


  1. You can either cut the carrot into very thin batons or grate it. The same for the cucumber. I find it easier to cut it in thin slices.
  2. Place your nori sheet with the shiny side facing down.
  3. Spread the hummus sparingly till the edges.
  4. Place the carrot on top of the hummus leaving a space in the end. Then add the cucumber on top of the carrot and finish by topping with the avocado in one of the extremities.
  5. Spread some watercress on top and you are ready to roll.
  6. Start by rolling from the extremity where the avocado is and roll it slowly and gently but with a firm hand, applying some pressure while you roll it.
  7. Dunk it in some tamary sauce if you like. Enjoy!

IMG_1399 copy

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