Super Fresh Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies are definitely the easiest way to start the day and most probably one of the healthiest ones as well. We simply need to throw some fruit and vegetables into a blender and blend until smooth, et voila breakfast is done. The only difference to smoothie bowls is that we tend to make them thicker so instead of drinking it we can eat with a spoon. There are many ways to achieve a slightly thicker smoothie by adding frozen fruit, creating an extra creaminess or for example adding chia seeds, protein powder and so many more. At the moment, I am loving smoothie bowls because you can add to them loads of different toppings making it really interesting to eat. This recipe has a really fresh kick to it due to the cucumber so it’s perfect for these hot summer days. You can enjoy it with banana and red fruits on top to make it super colourful and nutritious.


½ Frozen mango

2 Frozen bananas

A slice pineapple

A chunk of cucumber

½ cup nut milk (optional)



Simply place everything into a blender and blend until smooth!

Top tip: My blender is not super strong so I place first the liquid (milk) then the softer fruit like pineapple and cucumber and finally the frozen ingredients in small sizes.

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