Summery Strawberry Tart

This is the perfect summer desert. It tastes wonderfully and it’s so easy to make since it requires no cooking. I love strawberries more than words can tell, so in the summer I indulge myself with this fruit as much as I can, and thankfully, during this season, markets are loaded with them at a much better price than supermarkets.

The layers of this tart come together so delicately creating the right fusion of flavours. The bottom layer made with dates and almonds creates a delicious crunchy and chewy base. The middle layer, made with coconut cream, provides a beautifully smooth texture creating the right contrast. Finally the strawberries bring everything together with the right kick of freshness. It’s absolutely mouth watering! I hope you Love it!



1½cups of pitted medjool dates

1½cups of almonds


White coconut layer:

1 pack (250g) of coconut cream

1/2tsp cinnamon

3tbsp agave syrup


2cups (150g) Strawberries

IMG_0891 copy


  1. In a bowl place your coconut cream and whisk it manually for a few minutes with a whisker.
  2. Add the cinnamon and agave syrup and mix it well to combine.
  3. Place it in the freezer for 20 min so it gets thicker.
  4. Crush the almonds on a food processor for a few seconds till they become nicely crushed.
  5. Add the dates to the food processor and process it till the dates and almonds combine together in one gigantic mushy ball.
  6. Spread it onto a tart shape tin with the help of a spoon to press it well. Place it in the freezer to solidify for 20 min or so.
  7. Remove all the different layers from the freezer and spread the coconut on top of your nutty base. In case it’s too much coconut cream save it for later to eat with some strawberries.
  8. Place your strawberries on top pressing them into the coconut cream and your desert is ready to be enjoyed.
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