Summer Breakfast – Avocado on toast with Mango and a Strawberry Smoothie

This has been my favourite breakfast for the last few weeks. I find it so delicious that it feels more like a treat rather than a normal breakfast. I know it may sound odd for some of you to have avocado for breakfast but believe me, when topped with mango it does taste amazing! You will need a ripe and soft mango and creamy avocados so it becomes easy to bite. I got mine from Kingston market. They’re usually very cheap like 4 avocados, or sometimes even 7, for only £1. I mash the avocado with a drizzle of lime for extra freshness, I then spread on top of some crispy rye toast. It really creates a great combination between smooth and crispy and the mango provides the right sweetness to the whole thing.


Since we are in the summer and it’s the right time for some English strawberries I usually have it with a simple and sweet strawberry, banana smoothie. I hope you give it a try. I promise you will love it and it will feel so clean and fresh!

IMG_0786 copy

Strawberry Banana Smoothie:

Ice cubes

2 bananas

1 hand full of strawberries

Optional: water or some nut milk if you prefer it more liquid

IMG_0787 copy

Mashed avocado with a drizzle of lime:

1 avocado

¼ to ½ lime juice



Mango slices

Sesame seeds

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