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Roasted Garlic & Beetroot Hummus

Hummus is my all time favourite starter/snack, I just love it and couldn’t live without it! When I started a vegan diet I ate hummus everyday for more than a year, I was addicted to it and it was an effortless way to get protein. Hummus will forever be one of the easiest ways to add a special dimension to a salad 🙂 This one is incredibly delicious even if you’re not a big fan of beetroot. Due to the beetroot being roasted with garlic you loose the characteristic earthy flavour and just adds nutrients and a savoury taste to the typical hummus recipe.


2 Tins chickpeas (rinsed and washed)

150g Beetroot

3 Garlic cloves

Juice of 1 lemon

2tbsp Tahini

1tbsp Olive oil

Salt (around 1/4tsp)


+ Water to obtain desired consistency



1.  Peel the beetroot and garlic and roast at 180C for around 15 minutes till it’s tender and slightly golden

2. Combine all ingredients (Chickpeas, juice 1 lemon, tahini, olive oil, salt, pepper and the roasted beetroot and garlic) in a food processor apart from the water

3. Once the hummus starts to look nice and smooth, test the flavour and add water to obtain desired consistency (I added 4 table spoons of water) and blend again

4. Serve with some extra olive oil, salt and pepper.


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