Raw & Crunchy Chocolate Brownies


This is with no doubt one of my favourite treats. It’s so easy to put together and tastes absolutely amazing. It’s deliciously gooey and super sweet due to the medjool dates. The pecan nuts give an intense caramel flavour and smells beautifully. Finally the raw cacao powder offers a scrumptious chocolatey aroma that is mouth-watering. A few tricks that might make this sweet treat even more delicious and super addictive is a pinch of salt and one or two tablespoons of your favourite syrup, intensifying all the flavours. To add more texture and make this brownies super crunchy, lightly toast some pecan nuts in small bits in the oven with some maple syrup. You must try these beauties! They are a perfect example that healthy living is so delicious.


1 ½ cups pecan nuts

1cup medjool dates

3tbsp raw cacao powder

1- 2tbsp maple or agave syrup

pinch of salt



1/3cup pecan nuts

1tbsp maple or agave syrup

IMG_1257 copy


  1. Start by toasting your pecan nuts. With your hands, crush 1/3cup of pecan nuts, into smaller pieces. Put them in a baking tray and mix them with 1tbsp of agave syrup.
  2. Toast them in the oven for around 8 minutes at 180 degrees, paying close attention to it as they burn quite easily.
  3. While your nuts are in the oven you can prepare your raw brownies. With the help of your food processor blitz the pecan nuts for a few seconds till they become much thinner.
  4. Add to the food processor the pitted medjool dates, raw cacao powder and if you so desire a pinch of salt and your favourite syrup. Process everything for a few minutes till it combines all together in a deliciously gooey ball.
  5. Press your gooey concoction into a container and put it the freezer for 15 min to solidify a bit.
  6. When you’re ready to serve press the toasted pecan nuts on top and on the sides of your brownies and cut it in square sizes. Yum yum yum!

Top tip: Instead of medjool dates, you can also use normal dates if you soak them in water for an hour, though the flavour won’t be the same, I guess less sweet and not as gooey, but works well as an alternative.

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