My favourite quick (but very effective) Leg, Thighs and But workouts

I thought of sharing with you my favourite short exercises that I have been doing for the last couple of years when I don’t have time for a full workout.

Even though they are no longer than 15 min and most of them are around 10 minutes or less, they are very effective and can get your legs and but burning. Most of all I think they are important to keep me going and keep me in shape when I’m feeling tired or when I don’t have time to spare for a full workout.We all have 5 or 10 minutes in our day to do one of these exercises, and when we say we don’t, we are only making excuses that don’t benefit our wellbeing.

When I go through long periods without any physical exercise I feel sluggish, more tired with less energy and so on. In general my body doesn’t function as good as it does when I workout. So by doing some short exercises I keep my body in shape, I feel more energised, my digestion and bowl movements are in balance and I feel good with myself for keep on going and tick the workout for the day.

Most of the links below are fitness blender exercises. You can find hundreds of them on youtube. I think they are really fantastic and you can do it from home without having to spend money on a gym membership. So, “no excuses from any of you!” as Tony Horton says. (the creator of P90X, my favourite workout of all time)

They were created by a couple and I’m really grateful for their exercises. I think they made exercise accessible to everyone for free and I think that’s fantastic.

The workouts are really easy to follow which also allows me to mute them (sorry Kelli) and put some music on, which I think it makes my workouts a lot more fun.

Finally I have a link for ballet beautiful but and legs workout. I also think Mary has great exercises on youtube, which look really relaxing but will get your but on fire!

Hope the links below help you keep in shape and achieve a healthy body throughout the whole year.

With Love,



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