Moroccan Quinoa

The inspiration for this recipe came from the Moroccan couscous that you can find in so many stores, though quinoa is so much better for you. Quinoa is a fantastic wheat-free choice and super high in protein, it actually contains all nine essential amino acids making it a complete-protein source. It’s also a very good source of calcium, magnesium and manganese. Contains good levels of several B vitamins and vitamin E.

For those who love Indian spices and vegetable curry this is the perfect summer recipe because it’s very easy to make and lovely to eat it fresh. It has a great mix between some sweet flavours from the raisins and cranberries together with some savoury ones like turmeric and cumin. Finally the nuts add a really nice crunch to the whole thing.

This combination of flavours taste even better next day making it perfect to take with you and you can keep it in the fridge for a few days as well.

Personally I like to serve this super colourful dish with hummus and some raw vegetable sticks and a simple side salad. I hope you enjoy it.



4 servings

1cup (180g) quinoa boiled in 2cups (450mL) of water

1 big finely chopped red onion

4tbsp of olive oil

1 red chilly

2tsp turmeric

1 and 1/2tsp cumin

1 home made, vegetable stock cube (in case you don’t have you can use 1/2tsp salt)

1 red bell pepper

1/2 green bell pepper

Around 300g of unsalted Nuts & dry fruits mix



  1. Boil the quinoa and reserve
  2. Finely chop the red onion and garlic cloves
  3. Cut the peppers in small cubes
  4. Chop the nuts and dry fruits a few times to make them in bite sizes
  5. Heat the olive oil in a stir-fry pan before adding the onion and garlic, to avoid the onion absorbing all the olive oil. Cook it till it becomes softer for around 3 to 4 min.
  6. Add to the pan your chillies, turmeric, cumin, nuts & fruits mix, peppers and a few tbsp. of water so all the spices can be dissolved. Cook it for about 5 minutes and stir quite often to avoid sticking to the pan and also to blend all the flavours really well.
  7. Finally add the boiled quinoa with the heat now off and mix everything very well. Serve with a nice and simple salad. It also goes really well with hummus and some raw vegetable sticks.

Top tip: I enjoy it quite spicy but you don’t have to make it that way, just remove the chillies from the ingredients list.

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