How To Do A *Headstand*

A couple of months ago I managed to do Head Stands. WOW! I have never been able to perform such fancy yoga pose before, mainly because I thought my shoulders and harms weren’t strong enough… but I have been following this vlogger on youtube called: “Yoga with Adriene” and she has a very helpful video on how to get your head stands ON 🙂 She is really cool and has loads of other nice yoga videos for many purposes, like relaxing, changing your mood, back pain… Take a look at the youtube video below if you wish to perform this yoga pose. It’s a very helpful step by step video to help you succeed the headstands move. For now I’m only able to do it against the wall but as I get stronger and stronger I will be able to do it without support 🙂 Can’t wait!

This pose also comes with loads of benefits for your body and it’s really good fun, plenty of reasons to get on your head 🙂

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