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Desserts, Snacks

Coffee Chia Pudding

I love this combo! One morning I wanted to have a “pick me up” before I went for a 13K run but I never had food prior a run before so I didn’t quite know what to have… I wanted something to boost my energy but it also needed to be light so I wouldn’t feel it weighing in my stomach while running. So I thought of having coffee, a lot of people do before running but it’s not quite a snack so I decided to mix it with my favourite run fuel, chia seeds! Well I think it’s the most delicious running snack you could have. Continue Reading

Desserts, Snacks

3 Ingredients Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunchy Bites

Love this snack so much! It’s so easy and quick to make and tastes soooo goood! You only need 3 ingredients and doesn’t require any baking so it couldn’t be quicker or easier than this. As I love sweet stuff, most times after lunch or dinner I like to have something sweet but I try to be good and avoid bad things for my body so this is the perfect snack/dessert. Continue Reading

Desserts, Snacks

Protein Chocolate Balls

Protein balls are the best pick me up kinda snack. Chocolate ones even better. So easy to make and they keep so well in the fridge or freezer, I love having them at hand to take to work or on the go so I don’t end up buying snack that are no good for me. If you have a food processor you should definitely give this a go. Continue Reading

Breakfast, Snacks

Açaí Bowl

Açaí bowls are a dream. Feels like you’re eating a delicious sorbet but a very healthy one super rich in antioxidants. Like other berries the high content in antioxidants of the açaí  is meant to protect your body from free-radical damage which can lead to chronic diseases as well as preventing the ageing process of your cells. Continue Reading

Desserts, Snacks

Vegan Nutella

I absolutely love a chocolate spread but even the vegan options out there always seem to have added oils and cane sugar so if you have the chance to make your own is far healthier and super delicious.  Continue Reading