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Baby Potatoes Canapés

How cute are these potato bites? and they are so delicious! It’s a super cute canapés for Christmas and it can be pre made the day before and kept in the fridge for the next day allowing you to be stress free on Christmas day! You basically slightly roast the potato skins and than you scoop the inside and mix with some spices and place it back in on the potato skins. It’s yummy both cold and hot but I find them extra special when out of the oven with a roasted top. Yum! Continue Reading


Red Lentil Ragù

This is one of my favourite dinners to make at this time of year, it’s so warming and hearty and works perfectly for a simple, quick meal.  I think it tastes great with a simple side of quinoa or roasted sweet or normal potatoes.  Continue Reading


Creamy Butternut Squash Chilly

This is an insanely tasty chilly, total crowd pleaser. Flavourful. Creamy. Easy one pot to put together and a must make for your family and friends, winning their hearts with this delicious meal. Butternut squash is already a very creamy veg and cooked on oatly cream with nutritional flakes becomes this velvety sauce that reminds me of nachos flavour. It’s very easy to make as everything is done in the same pot and slow cooks on it’s own for most of the time. You can make a big batch one night to last you for the week, just keep a few portions in the fridge/freezer. The perfect warm and comforting meal for the autumn nights.  Continue Reading


Vegetable Fried Rice

You should totally get on board with this recipe because it’s quick, easy and super delicious. I usually have a big batch of rice in the fridge that I can quickly use for salads or for this yummy fried rice recipe. If you have some rice to spare this is a great way to use it. I simply stir-fry some veggies in some spices, add the rice and serve with some raw veg for extra freshness. The result is a hearty, flavourful and satisfying dish, subtly spiced. Enjoy 🙂 Continue Reading


Super Easy Vegan Parmesan Cheese

This is such a great discovery! It’s the best topping ever for so many dishes including all your past recipes. If you feel that sometimes your vegan pasta is missing a je ne sais quoi, well this is it! With this vegan parmesan any pasta will feel extra special as it intensifies all the flavours. It’s super easy to make, you only need 5 ingredients to prepare it, blend it all et voilà (not sure why I’m using so many french expressions when I’m not even Frensh and I’m describing an Italian ingredient ha ha ha). It’s delecious and you’re going to love it! Continue Reading