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Crispy Oat Cookies with Cranberries and Hazelnuts

Most delicious cookies ever!

These are the easiest, most deliciously crunchy cookies ever! They are super quick to make, all done in one pot, It’s magic! These cookies are very crunchy, made with hazelnuts that add an extra layer to each bite and the cranberries give them a sweet chewiness. They are perfect for tea and could also be a great handmade gift for Christmas for a loved one. Continue Reading


Almond Butter Cake

I’m so happy with this creation! I feel as though I achieved a vegan masterpiece (if I say so myself ha ha ha)! Growing up there was this butter cake that I used to love that my Mum used to cook for all special occasions and I so want it to recreate it. I love veganizing recipes as I feel you can create something even more special. Continue Reading


Crunchy Ginger Cookies

My family favourite cookies! They love them so much and that makes me so happy! They are the perfect cookies for Christmas time with a zingy ginger hit and super crunchy. Delicious with some tea to dunk the cookies, they are definitely my favourite for Christmas. They are also a great personalised gift if you just put them in a jar with a cute ribbon 🙂 I got this recipe from my sister in law and I just veganised it and made it a bit healthier which is one of my favourite things to do! Love converting recipes into a lovely vegan affair.  Continue Reading

Desserts, Snacks

Coffee Chia Pudding

I love this combo! One morning I wanted to have a “pick me up” before I went for a 13K run but I never had food prior a run before so I didn’t quite know what to have… I wanted something to boost my energy but it also needed to be light so I wouldn’t feel it weighing in my stomach while running. So I thought of having coffee, a lot of people do before running but it’s not quite a snack so I decided to mix it with my favourite run fuel, chia seeds! Well I think it’s the most delicious running snack you could have. Continue Reading


Raspberry Blondies

This is currently my favourite quick and easy cake. It’s so delicious and fluffy with a gooey middle and ever so easy and quick to put together. The key ingredient is cannellini beans. I know it sounds like an unusual ingredient for a batch of sweet blondies, but blended with nut butter and maple syrup, they give a wonderfully soft and chewy bake making this the most amazing healthy blondies ever. The fresh raspberries give a fresh kick making the cake squares extra special. Continue Reading