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Deliciously Ella Cooked Granola

I’m in love with this breakfast. One morning I wanted a warm bowl of porridge but there was no oats in the house so I decided to cook Deliciously Ella granola and was one of those unexpected delicious meals. I absolutely love it! I cooked it with apple so it all combines nicely with the soft sweet apple. The granola leaves a delicious hint of cinnamon and the blueberries break a the sweetness of the granola. I than topped it with a big dollop of almond butter making it super creamy. This breakfast is a sweet warm cuddle for this cold winter mornings! Continue Reading

Breakfast, Mains

Tofu Scramble with Veggies

Scramble tofu is a super versatile meal. Perfect if you want a savoury breakfast, really nice as a brunch at the weekend and also ever so nice at lunch or if you are after a quick dinner. It goes at any time. It’s so full of flavour but so subtle and gentle at the same time in its taste. It’s very easy to make. Once all the veggies are chopped it takes less than 10 minutes to cook it. I really like this recipe with all the colourful veggies mixed with the tofu makes it so fresh and springy. Continue Reading


Lemon Porridge

Lemon porridge… why haven’t I thought about this sooner?! At the moment it’s my favourite porridge. It has this light flavour and feels quite fresh so I find it perfect for summer/spring time when the weather is nice but you can’t resist your porridge addiction because truth  to be told I like it all year around. Continue Reading

Breakfast, Snacks

Açaí Bowl

Açaí bowls are a dream. Feels like you’re eating a delicious sorbet but a very healthy one super rich in antioxidants. Like other berries the high content in antioxidants of the açaí  is meant to protect your body from free-radical damage which can lead to chronic diseases as well as preventing the ageing process of your cells. Continue Reading