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Banana Cake With Caramel Drizzle

I’m so excited to share this recipe. I loved how well this turned out which makes me so happy. This is a banana cake rather than a banana bread as it’s a lot more moister and sweeter than the typical banana bread. I made it in a loaf tin but you could do it in a round 23cm cake tin. This cake is very moist in the middle and has a oh so sweet crunchy top layer! The caramel drizzle on top makes it even more indulgent and makes it look the bomb! It’s super easy to make and even easier to eat 🙂 Continue Reading

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Mini Raw Christmas Pudding

If like me, you’re not a lover of Christmas pudding, this one is a delicious alternative. It has the chewy consistency of a energy bite but has a more hearty flavour from the spices and zest of orange and lemon giving this bites the perfect zing. They are also super easy to make as you mix all together in the food processor. The cute white frosting is optional but I do think it gives them an extra je ne sais quoi. Continue Reading


Chestnut Wellington With Triple Cooked Sweet Potato Middle

This is probably the best vegan meal I ever had! It has such a hearty flavour with so many elements to it making it so delicious and special. A veggie wellington has been a tradition for us at Christmas for the last 6 years but this one is slightly different. This dish consists of a snug wellington with a soft sweet potato middle, layered with a delicious filling of chestnuts and mushrooms that has a really intense and delicious flavour making this the best Christmas meal ever! Continue Reading


English Crispy Roasted Potatoes

These are the most delicious roasted potatoes! Since moving to the UK I wanted to create the super crispy english potatoes as I think they always look so amazingly delicious though they use animal fat so I was really keen to create an alternative and this is my version of the crispy roasted english potatoes, I love them so much and they will be the perfect side with the chestnut welling at Christmas. Continue Reading