Welcome to HealthyPippa! I started this blog hoping to inspire as many of you as possible to try super delicious and colourful dishes that are plant based, gluten and sugar free. Your body will love it, and it will make you glow and feel full of energy. I aim to show you that healthy living is not about big piles of lettuce but instead super delicious day-to-day dishes, full of bursting colours and flavours that will make you happy and vibrant. You can also find in this blog, super sweet treats that are incredibly tasty but feel clean at the same time and some scrumptious dishes that will impress even those that are not so sure about a plant based diet. This new way of living, that is spreading all over the world, is a lot more loving and caring towards animals and the environment and I believe this is the reason why it’s grabbing so many followers.

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My dream of living in a world where everyone lives a happy and healthy life is based on my believe that, feeling great has its foundations on the food we eat, the liquids we drink and the thoughts we put in our minds. Those are the seeds that will grow an abundance of positive and happy experiences if we choose good ones. So join me in this journey of a happy, exciting and fulfilling life.

I hope you have loads of fun in the kitchen making some of the recipes in this blog. Be kind to one another including all animals and Mother Nature!

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A bit more about myself…

I am originally from Portugal, from a little city in the north very close to Porto called Espinho. Espinho is in the coast, with beautiful beaches and a very cool, relaxed vibe. Some like to call Espinho the little Apple from Portugal “where the streets have no name” just like New York. I moved to the UK almost 3 years ago and I have been living and loving London ever since. I do miss the beach and the relaxed way of living in the coast as much as the sunshine. But London has a very addicting buzz of opportunities and feels as much to me, as the right place to be while I’m young and free.

I have never enjoyed meat but I must admit, I was pretty much addicted to cheese and most of all sugar. I would eat everything and anything topped with cheese. Pasta bake was probably one of my favourite dishes together with 3 cheese pizza. Back in Portugal where I used to work as a Biomedical Scientist, my most common lunch would be rice with cheese warmed up in the microwave, creating a really gooey concoction. I used to say that I could never become a vegan because I loved so much Portuguese desserts and believe me, we eat cakes all the time and we have thousands of different types of desserts. Today I know, it was only my sugar addicted brain talking.

I never found the space to go vegan while I was living in Portugal with my parents. When I moved to London I decided to take the challenge of becoming a vegan and I loved it! At that time, I didn’t eat meat for a few years already and I was pretty much bored of eating fish so that wasn’t the challenge. Cutting all dairy from my diet was the big revelation. I felt straight away so much lighter, digesting food became so much easier and I never had my nose blocked or any flu symptoms that I can recall. So I become to love this new way of living. I simply felt lighter, full of energy and I guess my compassion towards animals and the environment developed with the way I was eating.

I wasn’t quite ready yet to leave sugar behind as I started a journey of searching for any vegan desserts I could put my hands on with a great amount of sugar. For a year or so, I would still eat some non vegan desserts every time I would go back to Portugal or anytime there was a great excuse not to be a vegan because of some celebration where I could indulge myself to a full-on dessert.

Was then that I decided to take a new challenge and quit sugar. And what a challenge it was. Being addicted to white fairy dust made me realise I wasn’t free to enjoy life and it took a big chunk of my focus and energy. Only later I found out that you can be pretty addicted on sugar just like any other drug. There are even some studies that show that your brain behaves to sugar the same way as cocaine but I’ll leave that for a blog post some other time.

That was my final step towards healthy living and nurturing my body with a plant based diet. For me, it’s about looking at food in a different way and freeing yourself from any attachments and addictions to food that are impeding to your health and stop you from a happy life.

I love this new way of eating and living. I have so much more energy and my body feels free to enjoy life and experience all great emotions to be lived in this world.

I would also like to take the opportunity to say sorry for any spelling mistakes or sentence structure that might be wrong due to my Portuguese origin. But I’m learning and improving and that’s what life is about. So please don’t be mean to me about my English but please do correct me anytime you spot a mistake so I can learn and progress.

With all my love and kindness,