My Favourite Workout at the Moment and Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

I love working out at home. I can do it at my own time, don’t need to commute anywhere and I also don’t need to worry about what I’m wearing! These days it couldn’t be easier with youtube to find plenty of free workouts! My favourite is definitely Fitness Blender for cardio and toning exercises and for Yoga is Yoga with Adriene. Recently I came across this really hardcore workout by an LA chick and I have been loving it. Continue Reading


Sweet Potato, Mushrooms Wrap

Most delicious wrap ever if I say so myself! Plant based meals don’t cease to impress me on the flavours and textures that you can create! These wraps are super quick and easy to put together and are out of this world delicious! By now you’re thinking that I’m over exaggerating and using way too many adjectives to describe it but honestly at your next opportunity head over to the kitchen (or persuade someone to make it for you, also works well and you save time) and you’ll see what I mean! Continue Reading


Pasta Bake

Super Duper tasty Pasta Bake! You may think that I’m exaggerating, but if you try this recipe for yourself, your taste buds will be blown away with the flavours and texture this will bring to your mouth. It’s really creamy and has this soft taste of cheese with the same gooey texture that cheese provides but of course my version is plant based. This dish is perfect if you need to prepare something in advance to have it ready waiting for you when you get home. You can always increase the amounts and serve to friends and family. They will certainly ask for seconds. Continue Reading

Breakfast, Snacks

Red Fruits Chia Pod

Has been a while since my last post! I have been extremely busy on my crazy mission to finish my nutrition degree! I am getting there and soon I’ll become a Nutritionist which is both exciting and scary! I’m up for the challenge and excited what the future may bring!

Now back to food because that’s what really matters here: yummy, healthy nutritious food to feed our temple 🙂 Continue Reading


Mediterranean Bowl

This makes a delicious lunch/dinner for one person in less than 10 minutes. Really satisfying with great flavours and textures that is going to make your taste buds super happy and grateful for this meal. Continue Reading